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Vindication Recovery Services utilizes in excess of 15 years of experience in detecting a stock broker's wrongdoing through portfolio analysis and market research. Our analysts take into consideration not only your account's trading history but a detailed review of the broker and brokerage firm you were affiliated with, including determining whether the firm secretly acted as market makers and whether inside commissions were paid and undisclosed.

In the securities industry and trading community there are two sides to every dispute; it is our job to educate and identify wrongdoing and to make sure that any fraud or misconduct results in recovery of your market losses.

Industry regulators are determined to protect the integrity of the markets at this volatile time. If your rights as an investor were infringed on you could be in line for partial or full reimbursement of your portfolios losses and in some cases punitive damages.

Walking away from market losses without dissecting your account trading history just compounds your market losses, let our team give you a free analysis of your portfolio from industry insiders who are on your side not against you.

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Vindication Recovery Services is not a law firm and does not render legal advice. However we can help protect your rights as an investor.

The facts in each securities dispute are different. They involve different individuals and different circumstances. If wrongdoing did take place we will be able to identify it due to our unique and vast experience as industry insiders.

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